Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Getting Ready

June 4th is the launch date, so we are getting ready today. The grand kids have just 1 and a half hours of school today. When they get home we will run to Wal-Mart for an oil change and pick up snacks for the trip.

We are packing up "esentials" for the launch. I wonder where our priorities are as some of the esentials include a PSP and a Laptop. Well at least the laptop will be set up as a chart plotter using Sea Clear II free chartplotting software. http://www.sping.com/seaclear/ Somebody should complile that code for use on a Macintosh now that all macs are using the X86 Chipset. the PSP is to keep the 9 year old occupied while we are doing things during the launch that a 9 year old should not be involved in. One of those things is oporating the Boom Crane, though I am sure he thinks he could handle it.

The 15 year old got a new digital camera for his birthday this year and is tasked with documenting the whole process through pictures.

We will be driving up from champaign Illinois to Winnebago Illinois, about three hours, and then taking 10 years worth of accumulated stuff off of the boat. We will pack only what is needed for the launch this afternoon and head out for Mckinley Harbor, Milwaukee Wisconson early Wednesday morning.

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