Friday, May 16, 2008


We are launching on June 4th.  We plan on being at McKinley ramps about 9 am.  If you want you can come and watch.  Or you can call the paramedics when stepping the mast goes horribly wrong.  

Friday, May 9, 2008

PHRF Cert Received

We got the PHRF Cert.   The number is just like it was 10 years ago.  Were not going say what it is, though.  Thats just how we roll.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Queens Cup, a race

So the Queens cup is a race form Milwaukee to Someplace in Michigan nearly due west across the Lake Michigan.  It is the last weekend of June.  At first we thought there was a life raft requirement for the race but it turns out that though a life raft is a good idea, it is not mandatory for the race.  Outside of that large obstacle the only prohibitive factor now is, well, cost.

We will need to decide if we are doing it and then start writing checks (inset cliché about sailboat ownership being like money holes in the water, or tearing up $100 bills in the shower here).

Launch Date

We are picking a launch date, in fact I think Dad already has one in mind and I just dont know it.  We are hearing that Lake Michigan water levels are low, so we are hoping that at McKinley Harbor in Milwaukee has enough water to float the boat off of the trailer.  The boat only drafts about 4 feet, but there is a large beam on the trailer that we have to get over.


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