Friday, May 11, 2007


Well it is at least a little cleaner....

The boat was pulled up to the house where electrical power can be run to it. In the pic you can see the 15 foot motor boat that we use because the sailboat is on a moring.

Soarting out the mast

The mast has been removed and we can now untagle the web of lines.

Cleaning the barn

We now have a clean spot for when the boat gets pulled out in the fall.

Work to be done before launching.

1) Bath and wax.

2) Some electrical work (took a lightning strike a number of years ago)

3) New hole in hull for depth finder unit.

4) Install new GPS system (Garmen GPSMAp 230) Yes I know it is not "new" but it is still in the box....

We will also need to have it re measured for a PHRF rating, as the last one is about 10 years old.... And for those of you who ask, "What's it rate?" well the last rating was 132.

Money shot

Here is the tail of the boat. I am going to incorporate that layour into the "logo" including the Sail Number and hull number.

Boom, um, boom...

Here is the boom rigged in the back of the truck that helps stand the mast up. Two people make it easier, but with this one person can do it safely.

Free at last!

Here you see the boat cleared of clutter and pulled out of the barn.

WOW! it really needs a bath!

Still Trapped.

Here is a front view of it in the barn.


The boat is in a metal barn in Winnebago, Illinois. Trapped behind 7 years of clutter. Look closely and you will also see the Handa Gold wing (circa 1983) in there as well.

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